Foundation Services

When constructing a new structure, whether it be a new home, an office building, shed or driveway, the most important part is the foundation. The foundation is what sets the groundwork for the rest of the structure. Without a good foundation you could potentially run into damages and unsafe living or working spaces. Part of setting a new foundation is first properly prepping the area and setting the sub base to ensure a stable and safe foundation.

Preparing for the Sub Base

A properly set foundation should last for decades. Most of the foundation preparation is done before the cement truck even arrives. Concrete can crack and crumble if it is not poured over a solid and stable base. The first step in preparing a foundation is the demolition and excavation. The existing surface will first have to be cleared. That could either mean demolishing the existing foundation or clearing the area of all debris and vegetation. From there the excavation of higher grade areas will have to be done to help even the surface out. The next step is grading or also called sloping. Grading is necessary to ensure that water will run-off properly. Water is a major cause in damaging foundations including cracks, potholes and heaving.

Sub Base Application

Once the area has been cleared the next important step is to determine what type of topsoil and how much should be used. Depending on the climate of where you are located and what soil is already existing will help determine what to use. Once the soil is brought in it has to be compacted down to avoid future shifts within the foundation. According to construction experts and engineers a foundation must be able to support both what are called “live” and “dead” loads. The dead load is the weight of the structure itself as is. The live load is what added weight is brought in by people and other objects.

After the sub base has been prepared some contractors like to perform what is called a proof roll to ensure the foundation preparation has been successful. A heavy truck is driven across the sub base to see if there are any soft spots. If a soft spot is found the contractor will redo these spots until satisfactory. The durability and lifetime of a foundation is fully dependent on a proper sub base. Once all soft spots have been discovered and repaired it’s time to place the binder. The binder is a mix of oil and large aggregate making it very strong and durable. This mix helps set the surface in preparation for asphalt.

Whether you’re pouring an asphalt driveway or a concrete foundation the preparation steps are practically identical. Each step along the way is just important as the next. A strong foundation is necessary for your structure to be safe and have a long lifespan. When considering a contractor, you want to have a licensed professional who has experience, CONTACT US to set up your appointment now.